Oregon TilthUSDA Organic

Certified in 2007,
The Oregon Hophouse was the
first certified organic hop farm in Oregon

The Oregon Hophouse offers certified organic hops grown on the Leavy Farm in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. The farm is located 25 miles south of Portland near the historic town of Butteville. The farm has been in the Leavy family since 1912 and hops have been grown on the farm since the 1920s.

In 2007, the Leavy Farm began organic hop production and The Oregon Hophouse became the first certified organic hop farm in Oregon, providing US grown organic hops to brewers around the country and Canada. Certified by Oregon Tilth, organic hop production has since become the major focus of the farm.

We are a reliable producer of some of the finest organic hops in the world; as we continue to learn and develop our production methods, we hope to continue to expand our organic offerings.

Oregon Hophouse
The Oregon Hophouse Farm and Facilities

2/14 - The harvest facility (The Hophouse), which includes a picking machine, dryer, and press. The Leavy Farm consists of 200 acres, of which a portion is devoted to organic production.

Young Plants in mid-May

3/14 - Young plants in mid-May.

Young plants in early June

4/14 - Young plants in early June.

Plants with summer cover crop

5/14 - Young plants with emerging summer cover crop of buckwheat.

Mature plants in August

6/14 - Mature plants in August.

Developing cones - August

7/14 - Developing hop cones on side branches. Magnum variety hop cones in early August.

Hop Harvesting

8/14 - Hop harvest, gathering vines in the field.

Hop picking machine

9/14 - Hop picking machine. Hop vines entering the picker.

Hops on Dribble Belt

10/14 - Hops cones dribbling on the dribble belts to remove leaves and stems.

Kiln burner and fan

11/14 - Kiln burner and fan.

Hops filling drying bin

12/14 - Hops filling the drying kiln.

Bales of hops

13/14 - 200 pound bales ready to ship.

Hops heading to cold storage

14/14 - Truck load of hops heading to cold storage.

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