Oregon TilthUSDA Organic

Certified in 2007,
The Oregon Hophouse was the
first certified organic hop farm in Oregon



Organic hop production, like any other organic production, relies more on natural inputs than synthetic. 

Breeding for Pest Resistance

A major challenge in growing organic hops is, of course, pest control.  Pest resistance—whether disease or insect—determines the amount of pest control required.  Thus, the starting point for organic production is developing pest resistant varieties.  That is why we have started a farm-based hop breeding program that focuses on organic hop production. 

SeedlingsWe hope to provide a wide array of hop varieties suited to the unique climate of Western Oregon and that have the flavoring and bittering characteristics brewers look for today. 

Evaluating Seedlings

Thousands of seedlings are evaluated each year for agronomic traits.  The survivors are analyzed and evaluated in experimental brews using a Sabco “Brew Magic” system—fondly referred to as our “Research Lab.”

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